Buckwheat is a pseudo-cereal, however, thanks to its nutrients, nutty taste and appearance, it is part of the list of cereals and of the ancient grains.

Buckwheat is best known for foods such as Breton crepes, Japanese soba noodles and Russian kasha. It is a delicious addition to any baked goods.

It is mainly composed of carbohydrates, but also contains a good amount of fiber and resistant starch. In addition, it offers small amounts of high quality protein, antioxidants and is richer in minerals (manganese, copper, magnesium) than many other pseudo-cereals and cereals.

Available as

✓ Conventional
✓ Organic

Processing options

✓ Whole Grain Buckwheat
✓ Buckwheat Flour
✓ Cracked Buckwheat
✓ Roasted (Kasha) Buckwheat
✓ Roasted (Kasha) Buckwheat Flour
✓ Sprouted Buckwheat
✓ Sprouted Buckwheat Flour