Rye was grown by the Celts and the Germans who ate it in the form of patties. Even today, rye bread is the staple food in some European countries. Rye, unlike other cereals, contains a high level of fiber in its endosperm and not just in its sound. As a result, rye products generally have a lower glycemic index than wheat products and most other cereals, making them particularly healthy for diabetics.

Its typical taste enriches the flavor of all bakery products, however the method used (whole, flour, crushed, etc …)


✓ Conventional
✓ Organic


✓ Whole Grain Rye
✓ Rye Flour
✓ Cracked Rye
✓ Rye Flakes
✓ Rye Semolina
✓ Sprouted Rye
✓ Sprouted Rye Flour
✓ Cracked Sprouted Rye
✓ Roasted Rye
✓ Roasted Rye Flour
✓ Roasted Cracked Rye
✓ Sprouted Caramelized Rye
✓ Sprouted Caramelized Rye Flour
✓ Cracked Sprouted Caramelized Rye